As the new I-74 bridge continues to be constructed, and the old I-74 bridge continues to be deconstructed, more traffic changes continue to happen in Moline. A new road closure will go into place on Monday which means you'll need to prepare for your Monday morning commute.

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Officials from the new I-74 River Bridge announced on Thursday that beginning Monday, April 5, weather permitting, 6th Avenue in Moline will be closed between 19th Street and the new I-74 on- and off-ramps.

This closure is to allow contractors to reconstruct 6th Avenue to remove the dip in the road. This reconstruction will improve sightline distance and safety for motorists.

The work to reconstruct 6th Avenue is anticipated to be completed in approximately two months, according to officials.

For those that normally take 6th Avenue between 19th Street and the new I-74 on- and off-ramps, you will take a detour to 16th Street, head east on 7th Avenue, and north on 23rd Street to 6th Avenue. Officials say that motorists can also use River Drive to 23rd Street to 6th Avenue.

Officials say that after the work at 6th Avenue is complete, the road will reopen to two lanes of traffic. Striping at the intersection of 19th Street and 6th Avenue will also be updated to provide two through-lanes to 6th Avenue.

Another traffic change actually begins today, April 2, in Moline.

Officials say that today, Friday, April 2, the following changes will be made in Moline:

  • Old 7th Avenue off-ramp CLOSED
    • The 7th Avenue off-ramp from the old bridge will be permanently closed. The old Illinois-bound bridge will be reduced to one lane of traffic and the ONLY available exit is River Drive. Motorists can access this route by taking the on-ramp at State Street in Bettendorf.
    • Click here to view the detour map.
  • New 6th Avenue off-ramp to OPEN
    • The new bridge, which is currently configured for two-way traffic, will provide access to 6th Avenue/7th Avenue, Avenue of the Cities, John Deere Road, and I-280 in Moline.
    • Officials say that after crossing the river bridge, the first available Moline exit will be the NEW off-ramp to 6th Avenue. The off-ramp will take motorists to a signalized intersection at 6th Avenue, where traffic can either turn left onto 6th Avenue or continue straight on the new connecting road to 7th Avenue.
    • Click here to view the detour map.

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