A Moline High School student has received a surprise full ride scholarship. You can see that full video at Our QuadCites. It's always an amazing sight to see our fellow Quad Cities achieve something so great.

The students name is Paige Raaen  she is actually a junior at Moline High School, but will be graduating a year early after choosing her career through MTI. As of now she has plans to attend the Midwest Technical Institute this fall to become a dental assistant.

The story of how she got her scholarship is one that can make anyone smile. Raaen went outside to what she though was a routine visit from the Midwest Technical Institute, but it turned into a massive surprise. They told her that she would be receiving a full ride scholarship. Even while wearing a mask to greet them you can see her eye brows raise as she realizes what the letter says.

In the video Raaen went on to state,

“Completely shocked because I didn’t know I was even gonna get anything.”

“You know I applied to the $500 dollar scholarship or whatever. I didn’t expect to receive anything, just try my best, hopefully they were interested, but I guess they were interested.”

Her parents and teachers described her as a very hard worker, and clearly that hard work has paid off for Raaen. Even with what has happened these past few months, with this virus and its effects on schools.  Raaen has showed us that hard work and dedication can truly help you achieve your dreams no matter what.

A huge congratulations to  Paige Raaen!

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