It’s no secret that this pandemic has lead many people to screens, from phones, computers, TV, and anything else. This added screen time can add stress to your eyes, and for some people can also lead to a need for glasses.

According to USA today,

Optometrists report a rising number of patients seeking help with eye problems during the pandemic.


If you already wear glasses you are well aware how annoying it is to wear them with a mask on. The fog is very frustrating. You can put your glasses over the mask to avoid the fog, but then they start to fall off.

The CDC also suggests not touching your eyes or areas near your eyes. Glasses cause problems with this. Many Americans are looking for a solution to this problem that seems so small, but is also very annoying.

USA Today also reported that a 35% increase in inquires for Lasik, a corrective laser eye surgery, and a 30% increase in Lasik procedures since the remote work era kicked off in March.

Neda Shamie, a corneal surgeon stated,

“What we hear is that patients are frustrated with the dry eyes (Dry eye disease is a common condition that occurs when your tears aren't able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes) that they get with contact lenses because they are spending so much time on the computer, long hours in virtual classrooms or meetings for work.”

Make sure if you are spending more time behind a screen that you are keeping track of just how long, and stay safe.

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