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Just when you thought all of the bullsh*t would stay in 2020, Mother Nature could have some different plans for us. There is a chance for some more snow that could impact the Quad Cities the first day of 2021.

Tuesday afternoon through Tuesday night, the Quad Cities got hit by quite the snow storm to cap off 2020. The highest total in the immediate QC metro was in Davenport at 9.1". Maquoketa reported 11.5" and the Cedar Rapids area saw 12" of snow.

While that is great way for Mother Nature and 2020 to give us a final f**k you, 2021 may kick off with more winter weather.

The National Weather Service in Des Moines is currently predicting that the Quad Cities will see 1-2" possibly.

TotalSnow NYE
National Weather Service of Des Moines

Fortunately, we won't be breaking any records of snowfall on New Year's Day. The largest snow fall we had on the first day of a new year was back on January 1, 1891. The Quad Cities saw 4.2" of snow that day. The last time we even came close to that, was on January 1, 1999 when we got 3.8" of snow.

According to the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities, a wintry mix is expected across the QCA on New Year's Day. This winter weather is expected bring freezing rain and snow, with freezing rain being the most impactful.

Southeast Iowa, along with northeast Missouri and west central Illinois will have the highest probability of seeing ice accumulations from freezing rain.

The National Weather Service of the Quad Cities says there is still some uncertainty regarding the track of the storm, temperatures, and precipitation amounts.

The chances of the immediate Quad Cities metro seeing snow and ice accumulation sits at about 48%. A higher chance of snow accumulation is expected to happen in areas west, northwest and north of the QCA. Those areas include Washington, Iowa City and Maquoketa.

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