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The holidays this year is going to be very different because, well, COVID-19. But that isn't stopping people from whipping up their favorite holiday dinners and desserts. But what are people in each state cooking the most of for Christmas dinner and dessert to follow?

With the help from our friends at Treetopia, we wanted to find out the answer to that questions, "what are the most popular dinner and dessert recipes in each state?"

To find that answer Treetopia, they looked at To do so, Google Trends search data from the 2019 holiday season for the most popular holiday dinners and desserts. Treetopia also collected data on the popularity of over 35 recipes for traditional Christmas dishes, desserts, and drinks. This determined which Christmas dinner recipe and dessert recipe is most popular in every state.

They found that 17 separate dishes took the top spots across the 50 United States.

For Iowa, pheasant is the most popular Christmas dinner recipe. Our neighbors to the north in Minnesota also had pheasant as their favorite dinner recipe.

Illinois' favorite dinner recipe for Christmas is roast carrots. They share the same dish as California, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, North Caroline, and New Jersey.

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Treetopia found that as a region, roasted carrots were the most popular Christmas dinner recipe.

Now, what about desserts? Using the same methods, Treetopia found out the most popular Christmas dessert in each state. They found that 12 recipes were the top results among the United States.

In Iowa, the most popular Christmas dessert recipe is fruitcake (gross). Fruitcake was also the favorite Christmas dessert recipe in Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, the Carolina's, and Maryland.

On the Illinois side, the most popular Christmas dessert recipe is Christmas cookies. Overall cookies in general were the most popular desserts which include Christmas cookies, sugar cookies and thumbprint cookies. But Illinois' loves Christmas cookies and shares that same love with Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

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As a region, the Midwest's favorite Christmas dessert recipe is sugar cookies.

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