Think of the fanciest chocolate. Dove, right? Now, think of the prettiest bird. Again, a Dove, right? Now think of pop music's newest queen. Dove Cameron, right? Knew it.

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If you've tuned into the Disney Channel in the last five years, you know all about her. She played Mal – daughter of Maleficent – in Disney's hit Descendants franchise. In those films, she got some of the best "I Want" songs and rebellious anthems ever to hit a movie soundtrack.

Cameron also lends her voice to the TV movie Marvel Rising, both as Spider Gwen and through "Born Ready," the movie's theme song.

In short, she's off to a pretty legendary start when it comes to music. So of course we had to chat with her for this Movie Monday. But here's the thing: you won't find her music just on-screen anymore.

Dove Cameron's long-awaited solo music has arrived and spoilers: it's everything we hoped it would be and more. At midnight on September 27th, Dove released not one, but two debut singles: Waste and Bloodshot.

Personally, "Waste" is my favorite. Take a listen:

It also just so happens that "Waste" is Cameron's favorite too, as she revealed in our conversation. Beyond that, we got into what soundtrack she'd like to be on in the future, and what more of her new music will sound like.

Check out the full interview:

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