At some point, we all had a seriously disturbing toy that we were attached to, right? For me, it was my baby doll, Olga. She was creepy as all get-out, but I loved her deeply. Because she was my baby doll.

In UglyDolls, those toys are the ones singled out and left behind. But, they make the best of it, and prove that everyone – no matter how they look – is deserving of love. The "ugly" dolls, led by Kelly Clarkson's Moxy, embrace who they are and run with it.

It's a beautiful message, and one that is sung beautifully on the movie's soundtrack by Why Don't We. Listen:

Beyond UglyDolls, Why Don't We has been a busy bunch. The group has released new music just about every month this year. Of course, there's one that, as the band says, kind of has the jets on: "What Am I."

So, as the guys were gearing up for a show in London, we got on the phone with them backstage. We talked UglyDolls, "What Am I," and what's coming next!

Check out the full interview:

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