With every pop group that emerges, fans always pick favorites. Everyone had a favorite member of *NSYNC, the Spice Girls, One Direction, you name it. And every group of girlfriends in the early 2000s definitely fought over which member of The Cheetah Girls they were to their group.

Personally, I always gravitated to Dorinda. She danced, she had the coolest outfits and was always super blunt. She was my girl. And, after talking with her for Movie Monday this week, I stand by my choice.

Of course, Sabrina Bryan – the woman who brought Dorinda to life – has done quite a bit outside of the Cheetah Girls. Did you realize that she's also the soundtrack for Sydney White? She's also done Dancing With The Stars, and still works with young dancers today!

We chatted via FaceTime, and talked all things Cheetah and more – including her surprising connection to the Quad Cities!

Check out our conversation:

Want the extended version of our chat? Click here.

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