The early 2000s were such a fun time. The first ever iPhone was released, "cool beans" was a phrase used almost daily, and music videos were still on television.

It was also a golden time for movies. The first Twilight came out, She's The Man hit in 2006, and one of the go-to rom-coms was The Prince and Me. And O.A.R. was on all of those soundtracks.

Let me throw you back to the decade real quick, with the song that you definitely remember from them:

It's amazing how that opening riff can bring you right back to the soccer field with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, right?

Somehow, it's been almost 15 years since that song dropped and made it onto all our playlists. So, I got O.A.R.'s lead singer, and co-writer of "Love and Memories," Marc Roberge on the phone to talk through everything that's happened!

Check out our full conversation:

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