Here's the perfect gift for ranch-obsessed family and friends.

A word of caution, I wouldn't recommend hanging this stocking over the chimney with care. It's safe to assume a dairy-based product would spoil if it gets too warm. Regardless, ranch lovers would be excited to find this Christmas morning.

Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley's ranch-filled stocking is over a foot long, 15 inches of condiment Heaven in a package.

– Estimated size 15″ x 7″
– Plastic
– Includes silver mantle holder
– Filled with 52 fl. oz. Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing
– Functional pour spout at stocking toe

This gift will run you $35 plus tax. A small price to pay for a smile on someone's face on Christmas morning. But, what if you paired it with a Christmas-themed Hidden Valley Ranch throw pillow or blanket? Even better, a Hidden Valley Ranch flask or water bottle.


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