GO CUBS GO.....GO CUBS GOOO!!! Now you have that stuck in you head.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a die-hard Cubs fan. I've been there in the good years and the not so good years. I'm such a die-hard, I wanted to name my daughter Addison Wrigley...or Wrigley Addison. I know, poor kid right!

I'm moving into a new place in a couple weeks and it has to be painted. I think I've found the perfect color for my new bachelor pad. According to the Chicago Tribune, Benjamin Moore can help turn your man cave into a shrine to the "Loveable Losers." Introducing "Shades of Wrigley." It's a line of pain celebrating the Chicago Cubs. Colors are Cubbie Blue, Marquee Red, and you cant forget about the ivy with Wrigley Field Green.

So while you're painting, don't forget to sing your favorite Cubs rally song!

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