The QCA is about to have another option for some coffee and sweet treats.

Oh Crepe Coffee & Creamery is gearing up to open it's doors very soon in Moline. Oh Crepe is going into the old Orange Leaf store on 38th Avenue, right next to TukTuk Thai BBQ, which opened last August. Oh Crepe is going for a classy, Paris-inspired cafe vibe, saying:

Inspired by the intimate cafes of Paris, we hope to bring a sophisticated atmosphere where you can enjoy a sweet treat and a cup of coffee.

Renovations are still being done on the inside of the cafe-to-be but it is set to open in Moline in July.

The exact menu for the new cafe has not been released yet but according to their Facebook description, Oh Crepe will have a create-your-own-treats menu, featuring waffles, crepes (obviously), and frozen yogurt. Besides their "self-serve treats with a twist", they will also offer a variety of coffees to go along with your breakfast.

Their exact address will be 3912 38th Avenue in Moline. Currently, their Facebook hours are listed as 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. daily. There isn't an exact opening date set in July but you can keep up with updates from them as they prepare to open on their Facebook page.

They posted these remodel pics as they work on changing the interior of the cafe from Orange Leaf:

The new Oh Crepe Coffee & Creamery marks the first coffee/sweet treat cafe to open it's doors in Moline so far this year.

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