Last month, we told you the exciting news that Davenport's Once Upon A Child is moving to a bigger location. Apparently, the store is really trying to step things up because they just made another awesome announcement on Facebook: the new location will finally have carts for customers to use.


This news may not seem like that big of a deal, but trust me, shoppers with armfuls of merchandise are extremely grateful for this development. I have visited the store many times and have attempted to balance my daughter along with several pairs of shoes and outfits. It doesn't go well.

And since the shopping carts appear to have space for a child to sit in the front, moms (and dads and other shoppers) can have at least one tot safely shop with them. Thanks, Once Upon A Child. Just look at that comments section- moms all over the Quad Cities are grateful.

The new location on Kimberly is expected to open sometime in June.

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