We've all done it. Some of you may be doing it now. It's something that can give you joy, and sadness all at the same time. I'm talking about moving.

I spent my vacation moving from Muscatine back home to Davenport. There was no rest and relaxation. I'm still sore. Please don't ask me to put my hands above my head. I spent two weeks before the move packing boxes and getting things ready.

We had a few casualties. My poor kitchen table (which wasn't in the best shape to begin with), a Cubs photo frame (but it can and will be fixed), and my new couch (its only a year old and we tore a corner). We also took out a bird in the grill of a car.

This move was the final phase in giving my daughter the ultimate Christmas gift. My moving home was what she asked for this last year. Well, I got the job, and now we have the home.

All day Sunday and yesterday my daughter kept thanking me, and telling me how comfy her new room is. It's good to be home.

Thanks to my friends and family that pitched in to help. Huge thanks to my mom for making her pulled pork sandwiches. Some of Mom's Mac N' Cheese would have been amazing (jussayin'). Maybe, I need to get the recipe.

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