I hate driving on the highway, and knowing this statistic makes me even more nervous about it: I-80, which runs completely across the state of Iowa (including through LeClaire, Bettendorf, and Davenport, as well as Des Moines), has been ranked as one of the most dangerous highways in America.

According to Geotab, I-80 averages more than 15 fatal car crashes per year. And since the highway goes through the entire state, 1/3 of the population lives along the I-80 corridor.

I regularly take I-80 going to and from my hometown, and while I don't have to drive very far on it before taking an exit, it still makes me anxious knowing that so many fatalities occur there. While the length of the highway, along with the amount of people that drive on it probably accounts for many of the accidents, I have definitely seen people speeding and/or driving unsafely on it, especially around the bridge right after LeClaire.

Geotab got their info from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Highway Administration. Check out the rest of the most dangerous highways in America here.


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