Dog owners in Davenport, for the sake of your bank accounts, you need to make sure you're always cleaning up your pet's poops.

My apartment building has had a seemingly worsening problem of people letting their dogs go number two outside in the parking lot and not taking the time to clean it up. So then unless I want to step in a steaming pile of ew, I have to hopscotch my way to my car.

It's not a good idea to skip picking up your dog's poops, by the way. It's apparently not good fertilizer for your yard and if you live downtown or in a metro area, a lot of businesses and buildings have cameras set up so they can likely see when you let your dog go to the bathroom in their parking lot and don't clean it up.


In fact, I heard of one QC apartment complex that requires the DNA of each dog living in the complex. If an unattended pile of poo is left somewhere, it will be tested to see which dog it is and I'm willing to bet the owner won't get a nice message.

The City Of Davenport Has An Issue With It Too

Davenport wants you to pick up your dog's waste wherever it is: in your yard and in public spaces (which shouldn't need explanation).

After you pick up your dog's poo, it can be disposed of in the trash or flushed down the toilet (without the bag).

These aren't just recommendations. Fines for failing to dispose of pet waste or improperly disposing it can range from $250-$750.

That's not only because obviously it looks gross but it can also create health hazards. It's poop, guys.

If you know a culprit who just never cleans up their dog's poo and you're over it, you can report them to the Scott County Humane Society at 563-388-6655.

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