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Attention Davenport high school seniors and families! The Davenport Community School District announced the official date for commencement to celebrate the class of 2020.

The coronavirus has thrown a wrench in so many things in the year 2020. One of those things is the celebration of the class of 2020. Commencements, graduation parties, the final few days in school, either cancelled or postponed. Well, we have some great news to share from the Davenport Community School District.

Dr. Robert Kobylski, superintendent of the Davenport Community School District, said in an announced that because of the easing of restrictions from Governor Kim Reynolds, an in-person commencement will be able to happen. In his announcement, Kobylski said that the live, in-person commencement for each high school in the school district will happen on Sunday, July 19th. It will be held at Brady Street Stadium.

Dr. Kobylski said that they will be following guidelines set by the Iowa Department of Public Health, which will include proper social distancing guidelines and properly sanitizing.

In the announcement, Dr. Kobylski said,

This graduation experience will give students and their families the opportunity to receive their hard-earned diploma in their cap and gown, take family photos, see staff and peers, and celebrate this milestone.

The announcement also said that each principal will be emailing out additional logistical details to families and graduating seniors in regards to the in-person commencement happening on Sunday, July 19th at Brady Street Stadium.

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