We have seen status updates and posts from our listeners and residents in the QC getting pulled over for cig smoking offenses. No, you wont get a ticket JUST for smoking and driving. Unless you have a kid or a baby in the car. If you get caught smoking with a child in your car, you will get busted with a minimum $150 ticket. Rightfully so, there is nothing worse than second hand smoke. There are other ways to get tickets, and Illinois residents like Andrew from Moline just got bust for flicking his cigarette butt out into the street. If you are caught flicking your cig butt out, you will be hit with a minimum $150 ticket.

Here is some knowledge from a cop friend who needs probably cause to pull someone over when they suspect the driver may be under the influence or is doing something suspicious... He says catching someone flicking their cig butt out is the BEST probable cause to pull them over. Keep that in mind smokers!

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