This was a bit unexpected...

A seven-month old baby kangaroo escaped from its owner and was found roaming free on the streets of Norwalk, Iowa, a small town south of Des Moines.

According to KWQC, the kangaroo was captured unharmed and transported to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Police say the kangaroo's owner intended to train it as a pet but was unable to keep it, so he listed the animal for sale on Craigslist:

While for sale, the kangaroo managed to escape from his pen before being found near City Hall in Norwalk. Police told KWQC that, while unusual and not recommended, it's perfectly legal to own a kangaroo in the state of Iowa.

Before you get too excited and volunteer to adopt this adorable little guy, the owner has found a buyer in Nebraska. I know...I'm bummed, too.

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