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A lot of people are getting a little too comfortable working from home. People are getting so comfortable, that a police department in northern Maryland had to put a warning on social media to tell people to put pants on before checking their mail.

With the country continuing to be on shutdown because of the coronavirus, many Americans are working from home. While they are working from home, Americans are having drinks while working, trying to take care of their kids, and not wearing their normal work attire.

In Taneytown, Maryland, people are getting so comfortable, that the Taneytown Police Department posted a reminder on their Facebook page for its residents to put on some pants when checking the mail.

The Taneytown Police Department posted,

One resident commented on the post saying she would use the post as a way to tease her 10 year old song.

My son ran out in his boxers earlier to grab a package off the steps of our front porch, and came running back in. Said the neighbor saw him Im going to show him this and tell him it was about him (hes 10)

I think the post has a deeper meaning, and it's that no everywhere wants to see you in your underwear or nothing at all. You know who you are...

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