Last week, I posted a blog talking about how America and the Quad cities supposedly voted for Taco Bell as the best taco. Well, after seeing all the backlash and annoyance, i decided to do a poll of my own to find out once and for all, who has the best tacos in the Quad Cities! I looked up taco joints in the QC and to my surprise, there are actually dozens, if not hundreds of taco joints around here! I should've known that after all the response we got from the last blog. I am going to personally say that Taco Bell definitely does not have the best tacos in the QC. However, to be fair... I am putting them on the poll. If they win... i don't know what to say.

My vote is for Supermercado Monarcha in East Moline across the street from Runner's Park. The most authentic tacos I've had since moving here. Their store is also the best for mexican grocery shopping! I go there almost every Sunday! VOTE BELOW!

Who is YOUR vote for? VOTE below!
(You can also add your favorite if it isn't on there!)

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