The City of Bettendorf has made it official. They will no longer be running Palmer Golf Course's Palmer Grill as of this spring. The City has entered into an agreement with a local restaurant group that has quite a bit of experience running successful restaurants in the area.

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On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, Bettendorf City Council voted to approve a Professional Services Agreement between the City of Bettendorf and Food Drink Friends, Inc.

Kim Kidwell, the City’s Director of Culture and Recreation said in the press release,

"As the parent company of The Tangled Wood in Bettendorf and other restaurants in the Quad Cities, Food Drink Friends, Inc. has a lot of experience with restaurant management."

Kidwell went on to say how the owners know the restaurant business and know they will improve food and beverage service at Palmer Hills Golf Course. She added,

"The City is confident this partnership will be great for the community.”

Palmer Grill is located at Palmer Hills Golf Course, 2999 Middle Road. It closed at the end of 2022 for cleaning, maintenance, and to reorganize operations after the Grill’s Food and Beverage Manager resigned, the City of Bettendorf said. In December 2022, the City issued a Request for Proposals. Of the submissions, Food Drink Friends, Inc. had the most experience managing restaurants, overseeing staff, and catering events.

stefan quinn kirikpatrick, City of Bettendorf via Facebook
stefan quinn kirikpatrick, City of Bettendorf via Facebook

Under the agreement, Food Drink Friends, Inc. will manage Palmer Grill during the golf season beginning April 1, 2023, through November 15, 2023. A menu has not been finalized yet, but they plan to serve soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, etc.

Food Drink Friends, Inc. representatives said about the announcement,

“We are honored to be part of the award-winning Palmer Hills Golf Course! We truly enjoy being part of the Quad Cities and strive to serve up our finest meals. We are looking very forward to running the Palmer Grill and cooking up some delicious meals for golfers and the general public. We hope you will spend your summer enjoying our menu as well as spectacular views of the golf course.”

Food Drink Friends, Inc. owns four restaurants in the Quad Cities area including:

Technically you can say they only own three right now. On Monday, owners announced they closed the Blue Iguana in LeClaire. They do plan to test a new restaurant concept at the location this spring.

Canva, Google View
Canva, Google View

Looks like Food Drink Friends, Inc. is going to be very busy this spring.

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