Stories like this make me sick to my stomach.

Davenport home daycare owner Amy E. Smith was arrested yesterday for the charge of child endangerment, according to WQAD.

Davenport PD conducted a five-month long investigation after an infant from Smith's daycare was brought to a local hospital for suspected child abuse back in April. The infant had fractures in their left leg, left arm, wrist, and ribs.

It has also been uncovered that a second infant from Smith's daycare was injured last November. Her injuries included bruises and lacerations to her face and head and lacerations on her wrists, mouth, and under her eye. According to Smith, the child's injuries were caused by a milk crate accidentally fell on top of the infant. Hospital officials said that there was no way the trauma was accidental, however.

While it is not known if Smith was the person who injured the infants, the charge of child endangerment is given when the children are under the person's custody. Smith runs the daycare out of her home on Jersey Ridge.

I am completely horrified that those infants received such terrible injuries. Some serious harm had to have been inflicted on the poor babies in order for them to be hurt that badly. Hopefully, the person responsible will be punished accordingly.

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