As long as I've been alive, Dunkin' Donuts has had the same logo and name. Well, the times, they are a changing, my friends.

According to USA Today, Dunkin' Donuts is dropping the "donuts" part of their name nationwide in January 2019. Yep, that means you will now be getting your breakfast fix at plain ol' Dunkin' (not that that's a bad thing).

The reason for the name change? Quite simply, Dunkin' has expanded their menu in recent years to include gourmet coffee, sandwiches, and all kinds of pastries, so they don't want to exclude all the other goodness from their title.

If you're concerned that the re-branding means no more donuts at a chain known primarily for that particular sweet treat, fear not. Donuts will still be on the menu at Dunkin' from here until eternity.

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