To kickoff 2021, we started a new program with Nothing Bundt Cakes to honor and reward our awesome Quad Cities teachers and educators. It's called QC Teacher of the Week and this week is a little special because we have TWO teachers of the week!

Before we tell you about our this weeks B100 Teachers of the Week, don't forget you can nominate your favorite teacher or your child's favorite teacher right now! Whether your are in elementary, middle, high school, or college, we want to know who your favorite, or your child's favorite teacher.

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Tell us their name, where they teach, what subject they teach, and why they are the best teacher in the Quad Cities! Click the blue button below to nominate your Quad Cities Teacher of the Week now!

It's now time to announce this weeks B100 and Nothing Bundt Cakes QC Teachers of the Week!

Congrats goes to Ms. Annie Perez and Ms. Christine Coyne-Logan, who are both teachers at West High School in Davenport!

Ms. Annie Perez
Ms. Annie Perez

Let's start with Ms. Perez! Ms. Perez was nominated by our other teacher of the week, Christine Coyne-Logan. Ms. Coyne-Logan said,

My favorite teacher is a co-worker of mine, Annie Perez who teaches Social Studies at West High School in Davenport. She has gone above and beyond to help students be successful during the pandemic. Annie has adjusted her grading practices and late work policies to accommodate all the needs of her students while they are learning from home. Many of her students have sent her thank you emails for helping them! She deserves to be recognized for her ability to let go of the "typical" teaching practices and embracing practices that help students manage and be successful in their virtual/hybrid learning. #awesometeacher"

We love when teachers nominate each other! Great work Ms. Perez!

Ms. Christine Coyne-Logan
Ms. Christine Coyne-Logan

Our other QC Teacher of the Week is Ms. Coyne-Logan! Ms. Coyne-Logan was not there today, but Associate Principal Mr. Hassig Facetimed her in! Ms. Coyne-Logan was nominated by another teacher at West High, Ms. Melissa Bertelsen. Ms. Bertelsen said,

Christine works with me in the Social Studies department at West High School. She introduced us to Nothing Bundt Cakes. She makes our life better every day by helping us with technology (I cannot imagine where I would be if she did not walk me through Screencastify, Google Meets, Google Calendar etc), organizing events, and cheering us up. She just turned 40 in January!

Happy belated birthday Ms. Coyne-Logan! And thank you for your hard work and dedication to your students! Hopefully your students and fellow teachers don't eat your cake!

For being our QC Teachers of the Week, Ms. Coyne-Logan and Ms. Perez have been rewarded with a B100 Prize Pack which included a B100 stocking cap, stickers, a Pepsi, a B100 Bluetooth speaker, and more things, plus awesome cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes

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Thank you for your hard work and dedication Ms. Perez and Ms. Coyne-Logan!


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