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Think & Drink Entertainment‎ via Facebook
Think & Drink Entertainment via Facebook

Calling all Quad City 'Friends' fans! If you love 'Friends' or you're an avid trivia player, you can play

Think & Drink Entertainment, a local Quad Cities business, is hosting a 'Friends' quarantine trivia night tonight. It is free to play and is an all ages event. You can participate in either the 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. playing times.

As a player there are no supplies needed to play. All you need to do is watch the Facebook Live broadcast, and answer the multiple choice questions in the comment feed.

During tonight's trivia you could win prizes from Wise Guys Pizza & Pub and Leisure Lanes. Like mentioned before, it is free to play but Think & Drink Entertainment says that tips are appreciated. You can leave a tip by sending a Venmo payment to @Think-And-Drink-1, or a PayPal payment to Paypal.me/scottstegner.

Good luck and just remember, Rachel and Ross were on a break.

Below are places in the Quad Cities that host game nights with Think & Drink Entertainment:

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