Airlines, and even a few airports, have eased restrictions on wearing masks which as of today includes the Quad Cities International Airport.

As of today (4/19), the Moline airport says that masks are not required to be worn inside the airport. Multiple airlines (including all of the airlines that fly out of the Quad Cities airport) have initiated a mask optional policy on domestic flights. Here are the airlines that allow that:

  • Delta (flights out of QC airport)
  • American Airlines (also offers QC airport flights)
  • United (the third QC airport airline in this)
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Allegiant (also flies out of QC International)
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QC International isn't alone in adopting this either, other airports are bringing in the mask optional policy, including the Des Moines International Airport. KCCI reports that there's still signage asking travelers to mask up but there won't be penalties for those who don't.

From what I can tell, Chicago O'Hare won't require a mask for now either. They follow the guidance of the TSA, which as of now isn't enforcing mask mandates.

On the ground here in the QC, as of 4/19, QC Metro buses don't require a mask anymore either.

The CDC put into place last week a mandate requiring masks on all forms of transportation through May 3rd to study the new coronavirus subvariant but a court ruling (and pressure from the airlines) moved up that date. But the mandate isn't in effect while the ruling is reviewed.

So basically, as QC International told me over the phone, you may not need a mask, but probably bring one just in case. Which has kind of been the going rate of the last year.

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