Quad Cities River Bandits baseball is returning this summer for their 2021 season. After not playing last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer at Modern Woodmen Park is looking like it's going to be a blast! Get ready for fun and baseball with the Quad Cities River Bandits.

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Last week, officials from the Quad Cities River Bandits announced that individual game tickets for the 2021 season went on sale on Friday. On Thursday in a press release, officials also announced their 2021 promotion schedule. This year's promotional schedule is going to be jammed pack with fun, fireworks, and a ton of giveaways.

River Bandits owner Dave Heller said in the press release,

“This is the biggest and best promotional schedule we’ve had in the fourteen years I’ve owned the team. With 13 fireworks nights, nine  bobblehead giveaways, nine t-shirt giveaways, and plenty of other fan favorites, we’ve got something going on almost every night. It’s going to be a funtacular summer!”

The 2021 home opener for the River Bandits will be Tuesday, May 11th at 6:30 p.m. against the Cedar Rapids Kernels. This will kick off a 6 game home-stand to start the 2021 season. To kick off the season, there will be a  back-to-back magnet schedule giveaways on May 11 and May 12, and the chance to win a freezer during the Home Opener. Thursday, May 13 features a Rascal poster giveaway, followed by the season’s first fireworks show on Friday, May 14. The first series of the year wraps up with a Bandits pennant giveaway on Saturday, May 15 and a mega toy car giveaway during the May 16 Sunday. All games of the first series will start at 6:30 p.m., with the Sunday game at 1 p.m.

As mentioned before, the Quad Cities River Bandits will feature 13 fireworks shows throughout the season which is the most in River Bandits history. There will be three straight firework shows on July 2, July 3, and July 4.

This year, the River Bandits are hosting four jersey auctions benefiting local non-profits and causes. The first is to benefit the Vera French Foundation on Mental Health Awareness Night (June 3). The second jersey auction will benefit the Quad Cities Disabilities Awareness Coalition (August 13). The third will benefit the Waste Commission of Scott County (August 27). The fourth and final jersey auction will have Military camo uniforms benefiting the Genesis Health Foundation on September 19, the final home game of the regular season.

A complete list of dates for all giveaways and weekly promotions can be found below, in the 2021 pocket schedules, and on riverbandits.com.

Single game tickets are on sale now.

River Bandits 2021 Promotional Calendar:

May 2021

  • 5/11: Magnet Schedule Giveaway (Access Systems) & Freezer Giveaway (Arona)
  • 5/12: Magnet Schedule Giveaway (Access Systems)
  • 5/13: Rascal Poster (Upper Iowa University)
  • 5/14: Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 5/15: Bandits Pennant Giveaway (Mediacom)
  • 5/16: Mega Toy Car Giveaway #1 (McLaughlin Motors)

June 2021

  • 6/1: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #1
  • 6/3: River Bandits 20th Anniversary Jersey Auction/Mental Health Awareness Night (Vera French)
  • 6/4: Pint Glass Giveaway #1 (Ford Sod) & Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 6/5: Yordan Alvarez 2019 ROY Bobblehead Giveaway (Mediacom)
  • 6/6: Team Photo Giveaway (Palmer Chiropractic Clinics)
  • 6/15: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #2
  • 6/16: Royals Top Prospect Player Poster #1 (Upper Iowa University)
  • 6/17: T-Shirt Giveaway & Pride Night (The Project of the Quad Cities)
  • 6/18: Fireworks! (Smart Toyota) & John Deere Weekend
  • 6/19: Army Bobblehead Giveaway & John Deere Weekend
  • 6/20: Clear Tote Bag Giveaway (Smart Toyota), John Deere Weekend, & Bud Mega Mini Fridge Giveaway (Budweiser)
  • 6/29: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #3

July 2021

  • 7/1: Navy Bobblehead Giveaway
  • 7/2: Fireworks! (Smart Toyota) & Law Enforcement Night (Brew Pub Pizza)
  • 7/3: Red, White, & Boom (Fireworks!)
  • 7/4: Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 7/20: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #4 (Midwest Grilling Supplies)
  • 7/22: T-Shirt Giveaway & Casino Night (Jumers)
  • 7/23: Pint Glass Giveaway #2 (Milan Medical Group) & Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 7/24: Air Force Bobblehead Giveaway (Cobham)
  • 7/25: Mega Toy Car Giveaway #2 (McLaughlin Motors) & Christmas in July (Olde Towne Bakery)
  • 7/27: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #5
  • 7/28: Pennant Giveaway & 1/2 Price Ticket Night (Modern Woodmen)
  • 7/29: Pint Glass Giveaway #3 (K&K Hardware) & Summer Games Night (Michelob Ultra)
  • 7/30: Aluminum Water Bottle Giveaway (Isle Casino) & Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 7/31: Coast Guard Bobblehead Giveaway (QC Vets)

August 2021

  • 8/1: Hy-Vee Family Sunday
  • 8/10: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #6 & Free GA Ticket w/ School Supply Donation (One Step Printing)
  • 8/11: QCBR & Epic Stone Night with Fireworks! (MidAmerica Basement Systems)
  • 8/12 Pint Glass Giveaway #4 (Crawford Company)
  • 8/13: Jersey Lunch Bag Giveaway (Pepsi), Fireworks! (Smart Toyota), & Disabilities Awareness Night w/ Jersey Auction (QC Disabilities Awareness Coalition)
  • 8/14: George Springer Bobblehead (TBK Bank)
  • 8/15: Royals Top Prospect Player Poster #2 (Upper Iowa University)
  • 8/24: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #7 (Caravel Autism Health)
  • 8/25: Pennant Giveaway & 1/2 Price Ticket Night (Modern Woodmen)
  • 8/27: Free Admission, Hat Giveaway, & Earth Day Jersey Auction (Waste Commission of Scott County) & Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 8/28: Alex Bregman Bobblehead Giveaway (Hy-Vee) & Irish Heritage Night (Bud Light)

September 2021

  • 9/7: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #8
  • 9/8: Free Admission & Replica Seat Giveaway (Modern Woodmen)
  • 9/10: Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 9/11: Carlos Correa Bobblehead Giveaway (Midwest Technical Institute)
  • 9/14: T-Shirt Tuesday Giveaway #9
  • 9/16: Royals Top Prospect Player Poster #3 (Upper Iowa University)
  • 9/17: Fireworks! (Smart Toyota)
  • 9/18: Marines Bobblehead Giveaway (Red Hot Chicago)
  • 9/19: Military Camo Jersey Auction (Genesis Health System), Biggest Giveaway of the Year! & Hy-Vee Family Sunday

*Reminder: All giveaways are subject to change in date or item*

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