The Mississippi River level isn't expected to drop anytime soon so it has prompted more riverfront closures in Davenport.

To install flood barriers and prepare for river flooding, the city closed several roads and locations starting on Friday, 4/21. Those include:

  • River Drive between Iowa & Perry Streets
  • River Drive at Marquette
  • S. Concord between River Drive and Wapello.

Areas that were closed last week because of flood waters include:

  • Credit Island
  • Riverfront Recreational Trail between Credit Island and Veterans Memorial Park

New Closures

Now the city has added on more road and facility closures as the river level creeps up. The 4/23 update from the city of Davenport adds these to the list:


  • River Dr is closed between Division Street on the west and 3rd Street on the east,  the closure moving closer to Tremont. You can see the detour map here.
  • River Dr between Hwy 22 & Division
  • S. Concord between River Dr & Utah
  • And Beiderbecke will become covered with water and will close.

Basically, it's probably a good idea to just avoid River Drive if you can.


  • The River’s Edge is closed to the public beginning Tuesday, April 25th (which breaks my ice skating heart but okay)
  • Union Station is closed
  • LeClaire, Veterans Memorial, Marquette Dog Off Leash parks are all closed

Meanwhile, the flood walls are up at Modern Woodman Park but the city will let you know if that's open or closed later this week. Same with the Freight House Farmer's Market.

The city says pumps are being set and gates are closed in the low-lying areas of the city. You can see the latest hydrograph for the river at Rock Island here.

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