If it leads to an arrest and conviction, there's $10,000 waiting for whoever can provide the identity of someone who killed a beloved Rock Island cat.

A family cat, named Milo, was found skinned and gutted just a few yards from the owner's home.

It happened in late April after Milo (an indoor/outdoor cat) didn't come home one night and the search is on to find the perpetrator.

"Justice for Milo" Go Fund Me
"Justice for Milo" Go Fund Me

Milo's owner, Steve Havercamp, told WQAD that a Go Fund Me page has (as of now) raised $6,500 towards a reward for finding Milo's killer, CrimeStoppers put in an additional $2,500, and the family put in the initial $1,000.

So far, there have not been any arrests made in connection with Milo's killing but Havercamp said he and Rock Island police are getting many tips. Police determined that the crime was clearly committed by a human. One 30-year veteran Animal Control Officer said it was the worst thing he's ever seen.

If there is not an arrest made in the case, then the reward money will be donated to King's Harvest Pet Rescue.

If you think you know anything about what happened to Milo, here are a few outlets to reach out to:

CrimeStoppers: 309-762-9500

Rock Island Police Department: 309-732-2677

If you want to donate to the reward fund on Go Fund Me, here's that link.

Milo is the same name as my ginger kitty and I can't imagine this happening to him. Let's find whoever did it.

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