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Airbnb stays are growing in popularity. In Rock Island, this means new rules for homeowners who want to use their homes for guests to stay in.

No doubt about it, Airbnb homes to stay in are taking the travel experience to a new level. Families love staying in homes where they can cook, have a yard to play outside together, or stay in the same space with other friends and families while they are on vacation.  Airbnb homes can provide all of those options and more, just not in Rock Island.

According to, in Rock Island, a petition was started in a neighborhood where a homeowner uses the lower unit of her home for Airbnb guests. Her neighbors don’t like the extra traffic on their dead-end street and have complained about having “…strangers coming to stay on their block.”

The Rock Island city council voted in January to deny a special permit that would allow this Airbnb to stay open.  They meet again next month, where city staff will propose new rules.

Certainly, this is a great way for homeowners to make additional income and share their space with others whom they choose to allow to be there.  For the most part, my experiences with Airbnb have been wonderful. I have friends on both sides of Airbnb. I have many friends who exclusively use Airbnbs when they travel. I have other friends who are homeowners who make additional income by sharing their space. Their stories have sometimes been nothing shy of amazing because of the wonderful people they meet. It’s a great way to encourage tourism in the city and help others explore and experience all the wonderful things about Rock Island and surrounding cities.


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