If you know someone who has made a positive difference in Rock Island within the last year, now is the time to show them some love.

The city of Rock Island is now accepting nominations for their 36th Annual Citizen of the Year awards. According to a release from the city obtained by our friends at KWQC, you can nominate someone in any one of eight categories:

  •  Individual (this person "exemplifies hard work and ethics while demonstrating outstanding service to the community through volunteer work, mentoring or social leadership")
  • Youth (has to be a student currently enrolled in the Rock Island-Milan School District, Jordan Catholic School, Alleman High School or homeschooled in grades 6 through 12 this fall. Student "has maintained academic excellence while displaying character, initiative, leadership and creativity through community groups, projects or volunteer work")
  • City Employee (has to work for the City of Rock Island, but doesn't have to live in the city. This person is "dependable and has good work ethic, character and inspires other employees to do their best")
  • Professional (this person has "made a positive change in the Rock Island community through their employment by displaying leadership, character and initiative"
  • Education (doesn't have to live in Rock Island, but must be employed by Rock Island-Milan School District, Jordan Catholic School or Alleman High School. This person can be a "superintendent, principal, dean, teacher or para-professional who is engaging and inspires students to do their best in school and out in the community")
  • Veteran (has to live in Rock Island. This person has "served in any of the armed forces as active duty or a member of the reserves and was honorably discharged or retired.")
  • Organization, Church, or Non-profit (must be in Rock Island. This group can "make a difference in the community through its service, mission-based programs, fundraising or events")
  • Business (must be in Rock Island. The business must "serve the community in a capacity that goes beyond normal business operations. Examples include providing scholarship awards, fundraising, volunteering, and overall giving back to the community.")

Thinking of someone in particular? You have until July 10th at 5:00 p.m. to turn in your nomination forms to the city. You can submit your nominations at the city's website here.

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