The real question is... can Anderson figure out how to do this again?

Once upon a time a child was born with the incredible ability to handle any sport you throw at him.

That child is my nephew, Anderson.

I know you're thinking, Michelle of course you think you're nephew is more talented than every other kid? But this is not my bias talking. Anderson was born with some adult hand-eye coordination and since he was 18 months old has been the shining star of the athletic child world.

Most of the time, Anderson is playing sports and making incredibly plays on purpose, but on Sunday, November 7, he accidentally made an incredible trick shot complete with a shoe kick off.

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I'm sure you've heard of Dude Perfect before, right? If you haven't, it's a group of probably 30 something dudes (they were younger when they got started), who do trick shots on video, on social media and in person at live events around the country and this Anderson video is right in line with what they do.

Sure, security cameras are good for actually keeping your house secure, but (especially since I know this little 'dude' so well), being able to show your parents your insane trick shot on video after they missed it is a pretty darn cool reason to set a security camera up near your basketball hoop.

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