If you're in the QC for Labor Day weekend, one inexpensive option is a trip to the movies.

Normally, a trip to the movies isn't the cheapest endeavor. But a special treat this Labor Day weekend might change that. Saturday is National Cinema Day and you'll be able to get into some of the most popular flicks for $3. So that's the new "Top Gun Maverick", "Elvis" (which was excellent, by the way), "Spiderman: No Way Home", and even the original 1975 "Jaws". If you need to introduce your kids to that cinematic classic.

There are discounts on concessions too:

  • $3 small popcorn
  • $3 medium fountain drink & Icee's
  • $3 any size candy

You'll find the deal at Cinemark in Davenport and at Regal in Moline.

This is a national thing. According to WHBF, there are over 3,000 theatres and 30,000 screens that are participating in the National Cinema Day promotion. The promotion is in effect for all formats too, from 3D to IMAX. An added bonus to seeing a movie on National Cinema Day is that all screenings will feature a sizzle reel (like a teaser) of the upcoming big movies like the drama-surrounded "Don't Worry Darling" and "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever".

Considering trips to the movies can normally get pricey when you factor in ticket prices and the popcorn (which is mandatory anytime I go to the movies) and snacks, this is a great deal for a date or to take the kids on an outing.

It's only on Saturday, Sept. 3rd so that's your day to take advantage of it.

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