See what the new Quad Cities bridge will look like in 2020.

Driving across the I-74 bridge this past year, seeing all the progress that's being made, is actually making me pretty excited for the new bridge. I mean, think about it. How often in one's lifetime is it that we get to actually see one being built? I'm equally excited for the tear down of the old one. The whole process is intriguing.

If you're just as antsy as I am about the new I-74 bridge, then a little virtual reality is in order. Thanks to a story at WVIK.org, Moline public library has a VR exhibit that will show you exactly how it will look and even what it's like to go over it. 

What a great way to get a little instant gratification while we wait. I wish we could all say the same for the traffic. That one, we'll have to wait out in real time.


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