This Mom had herself and four children to provide for so she did what she needed to do.Inspiring stories always encourage me. Blue Monday or not. I understand some of what Cara Brookins has walked in life, through my own personal experiences. To say what she accomplished  is 'incredible,' well, that is an understatement.

I'm so impressed because her children worked with her. Most parents I talk with are frustrated they can hardly get their kids off their phones or video games to do anything considered 'family time.' This family actually built their home, from the ground up, together and that is such a rich, and for them, a healing life experience.

Leaving an abusive marriage is a huge DIY project in and of itself. To undertake building a home, something that actually causes marriages to fail because it's so stressful, by herself, watching YouTube videos to learn how, makes me happy on so many levels.

It took them 9 months of perseverance and building, but they finally completed their dream home. Cara has even written a book about it. Rise, How a House Built a Family.

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