A small town not far from the QCA literally hit the jackpot.

The QCA has had our share of lottery winners over the last year. Most recently, a Powerball ticket sold in Clive, Iowa scored $2 million. But now, the luck is on the Illinois side in a small town that's now buzzing with the news.

According to the Illinois Lottery, a scratch-off that won an unknown lucky soul $3 million was sold here:

Illinois Lottery/Google Maps
Illinois Lottery/Google Maps

If you're trying to figure out where the heck that is, it's in the town of Woodhull, Illinois (population 750).

Woodhull is about 30 miles southeast of Moline and 65 miles northwest of Peoria.

The game was the 200X Instant Payout Ticket. Now the talk of the town is who won the money.

Jennifer Damer, store manager at the BP in Woodhull, told Illinois Lottery:

We are the go-to stop for many townfolk, including farmers who live nearby and truck drivers passing through. Most of them even sit for a while and enjoy our freshly-made breakfast biscuits and chat about the news and weather each morning. In fact, if our regulars aren’t here in the mornings, we know something is wrong...Lately, all anyone can talk about is the $3 million winning lottery ticket -  everyone in our tiny town is trying to figure out who the lucky winner is.

The BP will get a boost too since they sold the winning ticket. They'll get a cash bonus of one percent of the prize amount, which will be $30,000. Philip Edat, owner of the BP in Woodhull, has plans for the money. He said:

Some of the bonus will be used for improvements to our store, but more importantly, I plan to share the bonus with my seven loyal and dedicated employees. This way, we all get to celebrate the exciting win!

The lucky winner has one year to claim their prize.

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