We're not quite done with the alert system tests yet in the Quad Cities.

Winter is at our doorstep and there's no denying that we've had a doozy of some snows in the past. For Iowa this year, the Farmer's Almanac is calling for "cold, average snowfall" and we could get some late blizzards, as in starting the first week of March. Ick.


So in order to make sure Davenport residents (and anyone around here who would like to stay in the loop) are ready for winter, Davenport Police will be conducting a test of the city's Snow Emergency System.

The test will be tomorrow (Wednesday, October 18th) but the post from the police doesn't say what time. The good news though, from Alert Iowa's website, is that the emergency notification will come to your phone via text if you choose, so your soul won't have to leave your body, like what happened the other week with the national emergency test.

Most of Iowa's average snowfall happens between December-February (25.5" out of 31.6"). If you're not signed up to be alerted when there's a Snow Emergency in the Quad Cities, it's probably not a bad idea to go ahead and sign up for it.

If you have a family member that's not very tech-savvy, you can sign them up for Alert Iowa and help them manage their account. There are also translations into Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Serbian Cyrillic, Spanish and Vietnamese. Get more details and sign up for the alerts at Davenport's Alert Iowa website.

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