I have a very large CD collection. I still to this day collect CDs from my favorite artists. I own close to 4 thousand CDs taking up a wall in my apartment and one whole closet. When I get a new title, I rip it into my computer and put it on a hard drive. Like many that collect records, I like the look and feel of a new CD. The cover art, the liner notes, the packaging...all of it.

Look, I'm a DJ. I have lots of titles from lots of different artists. Pop, rock, country, hip-hop, classical and many, many more. I still have my first CD that I got in high school. The best part is, they are all in alphabetical and chronological order.

Yep, every one of them.

All done by me.

Here's the thing, if I want a certain CD by a certain artist I can find it easily. So whole some may see it as I have OCD, I'm actually pretty smart.

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