The new Sonic movie has had a lot of press since it was the first movie ever to go back and change a main character after fan backlash, on the first trailer drop. Did this extra time and money go to good use?

The short answer is yes. Fans love this movie, and critics think it's pretty good too. It is sitting at a 65% critic rating, and 94% fan rating on rotten tomatoes. Which for a movie based on video game is incredible!

When the first trailer dropped people hated the look of the sonic character. Making fun of him all over social media, and what felt like the first time ever, the studio listened and pushed the movie back, and put millions into redesigning Sonic for his movie. The end result was actually pretty solid. The fans loved this.

Fans have been posting pictures of their viewing, and leaving mostly positive reviews. Most people saying that for a kids movie it is incredibly well done.

Others were not fans of the movie, and weren't going to let the redesign "blind them" of their critical reviews. Over all though most agree that this movie over all is at least okay.

I will be seeing this movie on Saturday, and I can't wait. I'm bringing my younger sister who has never played the game, so it will be interesting to see how kids who only know Sonic as a movie character will respond to this movie. Hopefully I don't let my nostalgia blind me from a critical review.

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