You read that right. PETA says you are patronizing your animal pals by calling them pets.

According to Independent, Jennifer White of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), argued that saying the term “pet” is derogatory and patronizes the animal.

WHAAATTT?!??!? You have to see this video...

During the interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, who can be radical a lot of the time to some people, White said “a lot of people at home who have dogs or cats will call them pets and refer to themselves as owners and this implies that the animals are a possession, like a car for example.”

They aren't stopping at asking people to stop using the word 'pet,' they are even asking people to stop using phrases like 'taking home the bacon,' 'beat a dead horse,' 'take the bull by the horns,' and more, and change them to something different.

Good Morning Britain via YouTube
Good Morning Britain via YouTube
Journal of Animal Ethics that found using the word can affect the way animals are treated.

I don't mean to be a jerk, but again, animals don't speak any language any humans speak around the world. Animal abusers and people who treat animals in a cruel way, I would love to see them in jail. The way you discipline an animal should be respective to the animal, but calling your animal a 'pet,' doesn't have an effect on anything.

If you disagree with me and think we should stop calling pets, 'pets,' don't forget you probably gave your animal BFF a name. Probably something like Daisy or Panera, I assume.

I would love to hear PETA's thoughts on 'The Secret Life of Pets.'

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