Nothing screams 'summer' and 'blistering hot weather' quite like nice, cool ice cream.

We're getting closer to true spring/summer. There are little glimmers of hope every once in a while. Last week, MVF Fun Cards went on sale, it's been warming up outside (despite the snow), and now QCA ice cream locations are reopening for the season.


Of course, the QC staple Whitey's never closes but that's not the case for all ice cream shops in the area. And a few of them are getting ready to open sooner than you might think.

Big Dave and Holly's Dairy Sweet- LeClaire

Opening: Friday, March 10th

Big Dave and Holly's Dairy Sweet is on North Cody Road in LeClaire and also has burgers and sandwiches. They have soft serve cones, sundaes, shakes, malts, and floats.

Country Style Ice Cream- Moline

Opening: Wednesday, March 8th

While Country Style's locations in Davenport, East Moline, and Coal Valley are open all year long, their spot in Moline is seasonal. It's now open for the sunny season too. They have hard-serve cones, shakes, malts, freezes, smoothies, and more.

Sweet Delite- Davenport

Opening: April 1st

QC favorite Sweet Delite will be opening on April 1st. Their menu features regular cones, dipped cones, floats, blenders, shakes, malts, sundaes, iceberg slushies, and Bostons.

Dairy Queen- Bettendorf

Opened: February 24th

The Dairy Queen in Bettendorf hopped on ice cream season early, opening on February 24th. They have shakes, cones, and of course the blizzards.

Twists Soft Serve- Eldridge

Opening: Saturday, March 11th

Twists Soft Serve Facebook
Twists Soft Serve Facebook

Also opening soon is Twists Soft Serve in Eldridge, who just opened up last year. They have cones, milkshakes, and their special 'Twisters' (which are like a thicker milkshake made with ingredients including Reese's, Oreo's, Butterfingers, etc.) They also have sundaes.

Happy snacking, QCA!

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