From taco shell-shaped eggs to a Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco, Taco Bell isn't afraid to take a leap with new items on its menu. That's why they're going balls to the wall and adding Crispy Chicken Wings to their menu.

Taco Bell might not be the first place you think of when you think of fried chicken, but it sounds like you're about to.

The new bone-in Crispy Chicken Wings are coated with a Mexican Queso seasoning, crisped to a golden brown, and served with a side of Taco Bell's signature spicy ranch dipping sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Before you get too crazy and excited, you should know that the wings are available nationwide, they'll only be on the menu for one week, starting January 6th. The other catch is that it's only available nationwide, they'll only be available after 2pm.

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For $5.99, you can get yourself a five-count on-the-go box. You should expect drums and flats, all meant to be dunked in that spicy ranch dipping sauce.

Think about the number of options here. Taco Bell has all of these different sauces and dips, you might just have to get a couple of orders to try with nacho cheese, their hot sauces, and whatever other combos you can think of.

The deal ends this week, so head over to Taco Bell and try one of these combos as soon as you possibly can.

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