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Get Your Doughnut Fries at QC Dunkin' on Monday
Dunkin' Donuts will debut the stick form of donuts on Monday. For $2 you'll get 5 sticks of croissant style donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar and served warm.
Dunkin' test marketed the treats in Boston and Providence to a satisfied audience. The...
Are QC Dunkin' Donuts Dumping The Donuts?
Could it be Quad City area Dunkin' Donuts are eliminating donuts? Not so fast. It's true the company is set to drop the word, "Donuts" at one of its locations as an experiment next week.
Dunkin' Donuts Still Planning to Open In Rock Island
Last April, I told you about plans for Dunkin' Donuts to return to18th Avenue in Rock Island.
When zoning approval was given in May, it was expected that construction would begin in June or July, with an opening slated for late October...
Dunkin' Donuts One Step Closer to Opening in Rock Island
We got one step closer to the aroma of donuts and coffee drifting west along 18th Avenue in Rock Island towards my house.
The Rock Island Argus reports that last night, Rock Island City Council approved zoning for a proposed Dunkin' Donuts store at 18th Avenue and 27th Street, to the e…
Dunkin' Donuts Opening in Rock Island
Last week I speculated about whether Krispy Kreme would be coming back to the Quad Cities after their parent company bought the parent company of Panera Bread.
Now, it looks like I was smelling the wrong donuts.
Outgoing Rock Island mayor Dennis Pauley announced at last night's city council meeting th…

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