Once again, a "national holiday" is upon us. Happy National Donut Day! Unfortunately, it's not a federal one, so we don't get off work, but at least the kids are out of school.

National Donut Day is a truly fun one. You can get free donuts at various locations, and not feel bad about how many you eat. Still, there's one debate at the heart of it: how do you spell donut?

Obviously, I've been sticking to "donut" for this post. But odds are you've probably seen it spelled "doughnut" in some places. So which one is right? Technically, both.

According to the dictionary, the original spelling of the word was "doughnut." People didn't start using "donut" until the 1950s. For that, you can thank Dunkin' Donuts. They launched in 1950 and opted for the phonetic spelling.

After that, donut became the norm. Some grammar purists will always stick to "doughnut," but the important thing is just that you eat as many as possible today.

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