It's been weeks since the derecho storm, but many are still dealing with the aftermath. whether it's with the trees, debris, or holes in the roof. Many people all over Iowa and Illinois resorted to using tarps to temporarily fix the problems they were dealing with.

Sadly these tarps are not holding up against the current weather.

Thousands of Quad City residents and people all over the Midwest are in the same boat as a cold front moved in last weekend into parts of Iowa, and Illinois. This brought high winds over the weekend followed by days of rain. Those relying on tarps or other temporary fixes to keep the weather out found themselves looking for other stopgap measures.

According to the Gazette one of the biggest problems with the tarps is the rain causes trickles of water that find their way through cracked plaster and torn shingles and holes in tarps, leading to additional or new damage, which in some cases could lead an insurance company to reject all or part of a homeowner’s previous claim.

obviously the biggest concern for many is the  insurance companies not paying as much.

More information about this can be found here.

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