TikTok has taken the social media world by storm with new successful trends surfacing nearly every day.  The latest viral trend is the "tell me you're from *insert location* without telling me you're from *insert location*".  For example, without blatantly saying "I'm from the Midwest" someone could make a video with common Midwestern stereotypes like the saying "ope just gunna sneak right past ya" or putting ranch dressing on everything that would be considered a dead giveaway that that person is in fact a Midwesterner through and through.  It's hilarious to see what people can come up with and it's so relatable when local TikToks show up on the for you page.

The trend is still going strong and I don't anticipate it dying down anytime soon so you can jump on it today!

The most popular midwestern one is:

This trend also shows you what people from outside your city or state think of your city or state. My favorite TikTok about Iowa shows a man trying to open his car door but, since it's frozen shut, he gently taps the ice with a hammer until he can get it open.  Though this may look absolutely bizarre to someone from California, every Iowan deals with this during the winter and that is evident as he doesn't look even remotely surprised by the amount of ice that has accumulated on his vehicle.


This trend has been popular for awhile now, so I figured I'd move the question over to this article asking you to tell us where you're from without literally telling us where you're from on Facebook!

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