On November 18th officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety's Aero Bureau discovered a monolith in southeastern Utah. The internet jumped onto the idea that aliens put it here, but within days people already starting to get annoyed with all the hype this object was getting.

Now that another one has popped up in Romania, people online are thinking this is just a prank, art piece, or marketing idea.

The biggest argument against this being aliens is that the Government has had zero involved, and people who went to the sight said the monolith felt cheap, and hollow. It seemed more like a tourist attraction.

News sources also reported on this object more than some would have liked, to the point where most people were over the idea of this object by Thanksgiving. Now this object has become more of a meme rather than something to fear.

While these are valid arguments the mystery is still interesting seeing as though no one has been able to confirm how the monolith ended up there in the first place.

Other critics however are still blunt and upset with their tweets and commentary. Calling this a marketing campaign. Much "the egg' which was the most liked picture on Instagram that ended up being an ad for Hulu.

Personally I still think this event is harmless fun, but I can see why people are starting to get annoyed. What do you think of the Monolith?

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