Okay junior detectives, the Moline Police Department needs our help.

About a month ago, there was a murder...a turkey murder. If you ever frequented the area around 7th Street and John Deere Road, you might be familiar with a pair of the birds. They often meandered about together, visiting a number of Moline businesses.

Unfortunately, one of the turkeys was killed with a bow and arrow. It happened over the weekend of January 19, 2019, and after a month of investigating, the Moline Police still have not gotten any leads. It's surprising for them, considering how beloved the birds were in the area.

Hunting turkeys within city limits is illegal, and out of season. At the time, Moline Police Detective Michael Griffin said, "The other turkey will spend Valentine's Day by itself. We hope that the perpetrator of this crime, that there [sic] significant other also spends Valentine's Day by themselves."

If you have any tips at all on this, now's your time! If you could find Carmen Sandiego as a kid, you can find this turkey killer now.

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