Do you have several million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Do you also need a new place to crash? Then we have a deal for you. Check out the most expensive home in Iowa.

This home in Spirit Lake, Iowa is on the edge of West Okoboji Lake and is just a stone's throw from the Minnesota border. The mansion is 24,876 square feet, and it can all be yours for a mere $12,800,000. Better yet, it's on sale. About two million dollars have been knocked off the price since it was originally listed in 2013.

The decor might be an acquired taste though. There's a modern art vibe going through the whole house with a lot of exposed metal and colored glass cut into random shapes. But hey, you're so rich, you could remodel, right? Besides, the best aspects of this house lie in the private access to the lake, a legit home theater, and your very own Irish pub. Seriously, a real Irish pub big enough to serve 150 people according to this article on

So, ready to make an offer?